Opticall’s Covid-19 practices for returning to routine eye tests

mobile optician eyes test

OPTICALL’S COVID-19 PRACTICES FOR RETURNING TO ROUTINE EYE TESTS We want to reassure our local communities that we are truly passionate about delivering outstanding eye care to the elderly, vulnerable and those shielding during this COVID-19 pandemic. We will be resuming our mobile optician services from August 2020, and when we return we will ensure […]

Food for good eyesight – what to eat

Food for good eyesight

FOOD FOR GOOD EYESIGHT – WHAT TO EAT Did you know there are certain types of food you should be eating to help you improve your eye health to help you take better care of your vision/eyesight. Here at Optical, your local mobile optician, we’ve compiled a list of the Best Food for good eyesight […]

Protecting your eyes from the sun

Protecting your eyes from the sun

PROTECTING YOUR EYES FROM THE SUN Here we share our top tips for protecting your eyes from sun damage with this gorgeous sunny weather. Enjoy the sun but stay safe by remembering this vital information. Wear Sunglasses It is really important to wear sunglasses in the bright sunshine. When buying sunglasses you should always look […]

Our Frequently Asked Questions Blog

local opticians who do home visits: FAQ

OUR FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS BLOG As local opticians who do home visits, we thought that we would compile all the questions we get asked on a frequent basis and put them together into this blog so you had somewhere handy to find them. If you can’t find the answer to your question in this blog […]

Taking care of our mental health with Mindfulness

mental health

TAKING CARE OF OUR MENTAL HEALTH WITH MINDFULNESS I know what you are thinking…what have a company of home visiting opticians who specialise in free NHS home eye examinations and eye care, for those in care homes, got to do with mental health issues and helping us with mindfulness?  Well our Business Strategy Lead Reshma […]

What’s the best lighting for care homes?

eye tests at home for the elderly

WHAT’S THE BEST LIGHTING FOR CARE HOMES? What type of lighting helps your residents’ eyes/vision? Did you know that the lighting you have in your care homes has an impact on your residents’ vision? Your residents, especially those with limited vision, need much more illumination from the lighting they use and it is vital to […]


symptoms of glaucoma

HOME EYE TESTS – FOR YOUR RESIDENTS During World Glaucoma Week, we get a chance to highlight that everyone should have regular eye tests and health checks in order to detect/ prevent glaucoma as early as possible to help treat glaucoma, prevent the loss of vision and eliminate glaucoma blindness. In 2020 it marked a […]