To deliver the gift of optimum vision so you can see, live and enjoy life


Satish Pancholi
Director and Lead Optometrist

Satish founded Opticall in March 2009. His personal vision for the business is that the brand becomes a benchmark for all home visiting opticians by consistently delivering an outstanding and professional service that is both friendly and trust-worthy.

Satish enjoys connecting with people, from staff to care team members and patients alike. He enjoys his working lifestyle and beyond the testing of eyes and dispensing of eyewear, the favourite part of his job is knowing that the work he does really does make a significant deference to peoples’ lives.

When he’s not working, Satish enjoys spending time with his family, travelling, running and dining.


Robert Tjia
Senior Locum Dispensing Optician

Robert is dedicated to providing patients with optimum eyewear solutions, that are both great looking and equally optimally fitted too.

He has a wealth of experience in dispensing and manufacturing optics, to provide a complete comprehensive service.

Robert understands the patient’s needs and matches them to achieve the best available solution. He also takes time to make fine adjustments and repairs to spectacles, where required, so they fit perfectly.

Outside of work, Robert likes travelling, cooking, and classic cars.

Jaki Wellington
Senior Administrator

Jaki joined the team in late 2015 and has already proven to be a key player. Jaki is our oracle who works in the office and creates a super-organised, fun and harmonious working environment for the rest of the team. Jaki enjoys being part of a close nit team and is always a warm and helpful voice on the end of the phone.

Outside of work Jaki enjoys cooking, reading and going to the cinema.

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Andrea Brough
Client Services Lead

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Suraj Parmar

Suraj joined the team in 2016 with many years experience working in the domiciliary market. His calm and professional approach is well-received by patients, family members and care teams alike.

Outside of work Suraj likes to spend time with his family and friends.

Tej Patel

Tej is the newest member of the clinical team but has already become an integral member. He comes with over 10 years domiciliary optician experience.

Outside of work Tej likes to travel, spend time with his family and has an interest in fast cars.

Reshma Pancholi
Business Strategy Lead

Reshma co-founded Opticall with Satish back in 2009. Reshma led, and continues to lead the evolution of our structures, systems and strategies.

Reshma loves helping people and is always seeking ways to surprise and delight others, that’s why she’s the perfect person to support our staff and customers. Her holistic outlook and emphatic skills mean she can get the best out of people and situations. Give her a problem, big or small, and she will find the perfect resolution.

Outside of work Reshma enjoys going to the gym, yoga and spending time with her family.

Hayley Hobley
Marketing Manager

Hayley joined the team at the beginning of 2020 to help with the company’s marketing communications. If you receive one of our emails, see something on our website, or like something on our Facebook page then it would have been Hayley who wrote it. The name Opticall will be popping up in more places soon, thanks to her marketing skills. Keep an eye out for us!

When Hayley is not working she’s enjoying jogging, open water swimming, Zumba and spending time with her husband and 2 boys.

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Pritesh Pancholi

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