Our Digital Eye Care Portal for Eye Care Management in Care Homes

Transform the way you manage eye care for your residents. Our Digital Eye Care Portal offers a streamlined, efficient solution to enhance patient care and reduce administrative burden.

Struggling with residents' eye care needs?

  • Want better access to your residents’ eye care plans?
  • Want to save time and streamline communication for eye care?
  • Want to spend less time coordinating appointments?
  • Want to simplify eye care record-keeping?

Let's Solve These Challenges Together: Your Digital Eye Care Partner

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Our intuitive dashboard provides a clear overview of all your residents' eye care needs. Easily access individual patient records, schedule appointments, and generate reports—all from one central location.

  • Secure login system to protect sensitive information
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation
  • 24/7 access to view patient lists and individual records
  • Detailed RX information and printable summaries
  • Comprehensive patient history tracking
  • Multi-patient data entry for efficient record-keeping

Transform Eye Care Management in Your Care Home

Our Digital Eye Care Portal revolutionises how care homes handle resident eye care:

  • Centralised Patient Management
    • Access all resident eye care information securely in one place 24/7
    • View comprehensive patient histories at a glance
    • Easily update and maintain resident records

  • Streamlined Appointment Scheduling
    • Generate sight test requests with a few clicks
    • Track upcoming eye exams for all residents
    • Receive reminders for scheduled appointments

  • Efficient Communication
    • Share eye care reports seamlessly with healthcare providers
    • Generate and send repair requests for spectacles
    • Facilitate quick updates on resident eye health status

  • Improved Resident Care
    • Monitor vision changes over time
    • Identify potential eye health issues early
    • Ensure personalised care plans based on individual needs

  • Time and Resource Optimisation
    • Reduce administrative burden with digital record-keeping
    • Minimise paperwork and manual data entry
    • Free up staff time for direct resident care

  • Enhanced Compliance and Reporting
    • Maintain accurate records for regulatory compliance
    • Produce comprehensive eye care summaries on demand

Ready to Elevate Eye Care in Your Care Home?

See how our Digital Eye Care Portal can transform eye care management for your residents. Enhance eye care delivery, streamline eye test scheduling, and ensure comprehensive eye health oversight.

Join Opticall Eyecare in setting a new standard for eye care in care homes. Let’s work together to provide superior eye care management for your residents

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