Your 2023 Opticall personal eyecare report explained

Personal eyecare report

What is a personal eyecare report?

For those of us who regularly attend an optical appointment, we are often left with many questions about the condition of our eyes and how this will affect our futures – beyond the explanation we received from our optometrist. A personal eyecare report from Opticall Eyecare not only aims to answer all your questions in a straightforward and caring manner, but it also supports any care plans you may have in place with your care provider. 

As a leading home-visiting optician operating in the Home Counties and beyond, our aim is to ensure that everyone has access to an optometrist when they need it most – even from the comfort of their own home. Having worked with many care homes and residential care teams since our humble beginnings, our personal eyecare reports are tailored to provide practical and supportive advice, not just to our clients but to those who are taking a greater hand in their day-to-day care.

Our personal eyecare reports are perfect for care plans 

As professionals within the healthcare industry, we understand the importance of providing person-centred support, not just during our eye appointments but through those who provide care on an ongoing basis. 

We seek full collaboration between all key parties to ensure a tailored solution can be provided for each client’s support needs. 

Communication – Our optician provides a comprehensive clinical analysis and eye health check. 

Engagement – We engage with all parties to ensure that our clients receive the correct and optimal solution (as and when required). 

Collaboration – We support care staff on an ongoing basis to ensure eye care needs are continuously met and communicate with all parties involved. 

By following the above points, we can ensure we continue to deliver outstanding home-visiting optical services to our clients. 

At Opticall Eyecare, we understand that the care plans put together by care staff form a huge part of the way care is delivered in a bespoke and tailored way. Our Personal Eyecare Report aims to support and build on these care plans by providing the ideal information in a practical and concise manner, so not only can eye care information become a part of the care plan, but staff know how to work with clients in long-term care, with limited vision or vision concerns. 

How does our personal eyecare report stand out?

At Opticall Eyecare, we pride ourselves on providing a unique personal eyecare report that has been carefully curated by our team of experts. Being able to provide information to our clients at a glance on their vision, explanations and any glasses supplied or advised by our team can be incredibly supportive not only for our clients but for next of kin and care home staff so they can see what’s been recommended. 

Our personal eyecare reports are tailored to each individual’s eye care needs and are provided free of charge as part of our eye care services.  Our reports are very visual, making information easy to see, read and understand for every client, including those with limited vision. We provide a snapshot of your vision with vs without glasses, and we aim to include any activities you can enjoy with your new glasses. 

Opticall Eyecare works closely with Care Homes across the Home Counties

As supportive eye care professionals, Opticall Eyecare has been working alongside residential care homes in the Home Counties, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Milton Keynes, and Northwest London for over ten years. As a completely mobile opticians service, we understand that not everyone is able to access a high street optician, and yet the importance of having a regular eye test remains – particularly for older adults and those with support and care needs. We deliver a free and comprehensive NHS optician service in the comfort of your care home whilst supporting the requirements of the CQC. 

How does our care home opticians service work?

To arrange an appointment for your residents, simply get in touch at 0208 8998 4228 and request a mutually convenient time and date for one of our opticians to visit your care home. During the visit, we will carry out a comprehensive NHS sight test and eye health check whilst also asking some health and lifestyle questions – if this is appropriate for your resident. 

If your resident requires glasses, we have a wide range of competitively priced frames and lenses (please check if your resident is eligible for support with these costs). We will also speak to the resident’s next of kin to explain the outcomes and costs – if this is appropriate. 

We aim to return to your care home to personally deliver and fit your resident’s new glasses within two weeks of ordering. If there are any problems, we also offer a free aftercare service to resolve any issues. 

All our staff are DBS checked, highly trained, and experienced to support a range of support needs during the sight test. Opticall Eyecare is dedicated to providing the highest level of support and tailored care before, during and after our visit. 

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Look after your eyes in 2023 with Opticall Eyecare 

If you or someone you know is struggling with their eyesight and are finding tasks more of a challenge due to vision loss, they could benefit from a bespoke home visiting eye appointment with Opticall Eyecare. To start your process, please get in touch with our helpful team, who will be able to provide you with advice and guidance alongside a convenient appointment. For more information about our Personal Eyecare Report, please ask a member of staff during your initial call.