Cataracts and Independence: Early Detection and Treatment ​

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Cataract development can profoundly affect one’s life, particularly diminishing vision and curtailing the daily activities of those over 65. Recognising the importance of early cataract detection and treatment is vital for preserving independence and enhancing quality of life.

How is it December already?!

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How is it December already?! What a year it has been! We couldn’t have made it through without you. We want to thank you for your ongoing loyalty and support in what has been another challenging year. We also want to show appreciation and thanks to your staff and care team for the huge amount […]


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HOME EYE TESTS – FOR YOUR RESIDENTS During World Glaucoma Week, we get a chance to highlight that everyone should have regular eye tests and health checks in order to detect/ prevent glaucoma as early as possible to help treat glaucoma, prevent the loss of vision and eliminate glaucoma blindness. In 2020 it marked a […]