Knowing your face shape and choosing the right frame wear

face shape

The importance of choosing the right frame wear 

Finding the right glasses involves a lot of considerations, from style to colour to comfort. There’s one more factor you might want to consider: your face shape. Knowing your face shape before shopping for glasses can help narrow your search and ensure that you select the frames that suit you best and accentuate features or angles you’d like to highlight.

No matter what shape face you have — some of them are oval, round, square, heart or diamond — there are options that will work with your unique structure and reflect your personal style. Opticall Eyecare is here to make it even easier to find the perfect pair of glasses for any face shape, with a wide range of frames in a variety of styles. Whether you’re looking for bold frames or something understated, classic shapes or something more modern, Opticall Eyecare has just what you need in their selection of stylish, high-quality eyewear.

Basic face shapes – what shape is your face?

Our faces are truly one-of-a-kind, and it can be difficult to determine our exact face shape. Yet, when looking at rough, general outlines, we can group them into six categories: round, oval, heart, square, triangle, and diamond. To find out which shape you have, the best first step is to observe where your face is widest and where its narrowest. Once you have determined this comparison, it is usually easy to find the closest match of the different shapes that we outlined earlier.

Heart shape

if you have high cheekbones and a wider forehead with narrowing features down to your jawline, then the chances are you have what’s known as a heart-shaped face. Your face shape may also be referred to as a base-up triangle shape.

Oval shape

The most common face shape, oval faces, is defined by a slight narrowing at the forehead and chin, with the widest part of your face being across your cheekbones. Your face is around twice as long as it is wide, giving you even proportions across your face. If you have slightly more angular features, some may say your face is more rectangular in shape, but the oval face shape would still apply to you. 

Square shape

Square faces are characterised by defined edges and angular lines. The width of the forehead, cheekbones, and jaw should all be equal, giving an overall box-like shape to the face. Unfortunately, square faces tend to carry with them an image of a stolid and serious expression – this is far from the truth is, quite often, those with a square face have perfectly natural-looking grins.

Diamond shape

The diamond face shape is a rare and unique facial structure. It is marked by its width across the cheeks, with a narrower forehead and jawline. People with diamond-shaped faces tend to have high cheekbones that give them a glamorous feel. Their chins usually lean to the small side.

Round shape

If you have smooth, curvy features that are relatively equal in proportion, you are likely to have a round face shape. The widest part of your forehead is around the same as the widest part of your jawline, giving you a rounder face shape. Those with round faces tend to have fuller cheeks and a soft look – a generally cheerful appearance! 

Although these outlines may seem like a great way to describe someone’s facial structure, they aren’t always accurate and don’t consider more detailed features of our face, such as a strong chin or high cheekbones. Therefore, it is important to remember that these shapes should just be used as a guide; your face may not exactly match any of these shapes but simply be looking for the closest resemblance to get an idea of what your full facial feature might look like.

How to pick the best glasses for your face shape

When selecting your perfect pair of glasses, there are many factors to consider. From colour to size and shape, it’s important to find the right fit for you. One factor that is often overlooked is the face shape. Knowing your shape can give you an idea of which Opticall Eyecare offers a great selection of glasses that are sure to suit all kinds of faces, with options ranging from classic round frames to modern rectangle silhouettes.

Face shape should never be the only factor when selecting glasses; comfort and personal style should be considered too! In fact, matching frames to your face shape isn’t a hard and fast rule— just pick whichever styles you feel good in and express your own unique look. 

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Find the perfect glasses with Opticall Eyecare

When you are choosing your glasses, you want them to fit comfortably, look great and (most importantly) help your vision. At Opticall Eyecare, our expert team of optometrists are on hand to support you with finding the right prescription for your eyesight and choosing the perfect frames from our optical catalogue. As home-visiting opticians, we will visit you, complete your eye test and go through our catalogue before ordering your glasses and visiting you again within two weeks with your chosen frames to ensure they fit properly. 

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