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Are you looking for last minute eye care gifts to help that special loved one see, live and enjoy their best lives in 2021. You’ve come to the right place! In this blog we will advise you on Christmas present ideas that could help those with low vision.

Christmas Food Hamper

A hamper full of yummy and healthy fruits and vegetables would be a great Christmas present to keep those eye balls healthy. Pick citrus fruits packed with vitamin C and vegetables like carrots and broccoli, which are full of vitamin A and vitamin E respectively. 

It wouldn’t be Christmas without the nutcracker and some nuts. So fill the hamper with nuts like peanuts, walnuts, and almonds, each offering great nutrients for your eyes and overall health. Sunflower seeds can help keep the eyes healthy too so add these too.

See our blog about ‘Food for Good Eyesight‘ here for more ideas.

Large Print Playing Cards

Fancy a card game this Christmas. Play Solitaire on your own or if you are in a social bubble you can play a great variety of group card games such as Whist and Rummy etc. The large print on the playing cards makes the cards easier to hold and see for everyone playing.
We love these cards available at RNIB

Board Games

RNIB also has a wide variety of board games available in editions that make it easier for your vision, eyes won’t have to strain to see the features on these. They have large print, braille and tactile versions of your favourite board games. Check them out here on their Board Games webpage.

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Smart devices/tablets

Tablets nowadays offer the accessibility abilities of adjusting the contrast of the screens and magnifying its content to meet all eye design needs. These devices make it easy to read, play games and even stay in touch with family and friends with online video calling. Amazon offer a Low Vision Tablet for the Visually Impaired with lots of great low vision features but a lot of the mainstream tablets such as iPads, Kindles and Samsung equivalents, can offer the same features and more.

Wall Art

If you have an art lover who you need to buy for then why not consider getting them something special in large print. Take a look at these lovely large print designs from the guys at photowall and if nothing takes your fancy in the artwork they have on offer, then why not consider getting a favourite photo enlarged with them instead.

Eye Wear

If your recipient thinks their eyesight has changed or they don’t like their current frames then why not book them an appointment with Opticall, your local opticians who do home visits. Whether they enjoy watching television, reading a book or playing with their friends or family, their vision can have a major impact on their well-being, quality of life and independence so it is best to get it sorted.

We’ll come to them and carry out a home eye test, which includes a comprehensive NHS eye examination and eye health check. The optician/ eye doctor can answer any concerns you may have about eye care or eye wear.

To book an appointment for yourself or as peace of mind as an optician/optometrist gift then please call our friendly team on 020 8998 4228, or check out our Home Eye Test page on our website.