Providing Person Centred Care at Opticall Eyecare

person centred care

What is Person Centred Care?

National surveys tell us that over 30% of people want to be more involved in decisions about their care; this situation has hardly changed in a decade. In addition, research studies have consistently shown that when people are more involved in decisions they:

  • have fewer regrets about decisions;
  • report better relationships with clinicians;
  • adhere better to treatment; and
  • report a better experience including more satisfaction with the outcome

In other words, shared decision making has a fundamental impact on the safety and effectiveness of personalised care.

This means that by involving people in decisions about their health and care we will improve health and wellbeing, improve the quality of care and ensure people make informed use of available healthcare resources. Involving people in their own health and care not only adds value to people’s lives, it creates value for the taxpayer. The challenge now is to shift the focus of care and support services from ‘what is the matter with you?’ towards ‘what matters to you?’

Why does Person-Centred Care matter?

Person-centred care helps patients receive more individualised care and feel they are treated as independent human beings. The fundamental principles of person/patient-centred care are:

1. Always treat people with respect, compassion, dignity and continuity of care 

2. Provide coordinated support and care planning to ensure individuals are getting the optimum quality of life

3. Provide personalised, outstanding quality care for individuals with integrated care programmes for all

4. Help patients realise their strengths and abilities so they can retain some degree of independence in their future care

Why choose Opticall?

We treat each customer with the most significant level of respect, professionalism and care that is part of our core values. We appreciate that many of our patients may be vulnerable, living with mobility and health issues and that we are in a position of trust when we visit. Rest assured, our opticians are CRB checked, highly trained, have experience in care, and can support patients with various health conditions and additional needs. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality complex care, hygiene and safety standards tailored to each resident’s personal needs.

How do we deliver Person-Centred Care?

Here at Opticall, we pride ourselves on our exceptional person-centre eyecare for our patient experiences. It is important to us that we can collaborate and engage everyone involved when we carry out an eye test and eye care plan.

With clear communication, shared values and person-centred collaboration, we continue to deliver the most outstanding home-visiting optician’s services across Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire counties, and Milton Keynes, parts of Essex and NW London.

  • Communication – Our mobile opticians provide a personal service to all our patients by providing our comprehensive, bespoke eye care services, including eye tests and eye health checks
  • Engagement – We ensure that our patient’s family/next of kin/power of attorney are kept up-to-date with how the eye tests have gone and reassure them that their loved one has received the correct and optimal solution for their vision
  • Collaboration – We support the social care workforce, e.g. direct care workers/social workers/care teams, with their integrated care programme on an ongoing basis, ensuring residents’ in their residential care homes have their eye care needs are met. 

Our Bespoke Eye Care 

Opticall can come and visit you or a loved one in their care home or own home to deliver our unique person-centred care practices. Our mobile opticians are professional, purpose-driven and holistically focused and will carry out a FREE comprehensive NHS home-visiting optician’ service with a bespoke eye care plan.

To book an appointment with us, please call us on 020 8998 4228 or email us at [email protected]. We can arrange a visit at a mutually convenient date and time for your appointment and discuss any questions you may have about the delivery of person-centred care we provide.