Care home opticians Luton can take multiple home care clients 

Getting to an optician’s appointment can be challenging and sometimes impossible for many vulnerable adults. If you have care home residents who are unable to attend an eye test unsupported, you may wish to consider the support of care home opticians Luton, that will support multiple patients in the comfort of their care home. If you run a care home in Luton, you will have multiple residents you look after every day – all with different support needs.  

Being able to monitor changes in vision and track diagnosed eye-related conditions is a requirement of CQC and Opticall Eyecare. Your care home opticians Luton, understand the importance of regular eye tests to provide you and your residents with this information. That’s why we offer comprehensive optician services for residents in your care home.  

As trusted care home opticians Luton, we would like to reassure you that we are following the latest Covid-19 pandemic guidance to ensure that residents, our opticians and your staff are kept safe during this challenging time.
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How do visiting care home opticians work?

When you decide to enlist the support of care home opticians, the service and outcomes couldn’t be more straightforward. Start by giving Opticall Eyecare a call to discuss your care home, and we will arrange a convenient time to visit you and your residents. We will introduce ourselves to you and your residents and spend some time with those who need a regular eye test, asking a few health and lifestyle questions. Once this has been completed, we will conduct a comprehensive NHS sight test and eye health check – ensuring they understand the process and outcomes at every step of the way. 

If your resident needs glass, we have a wide range of competitively priced frames and lenses available for them to choose from, and we aim to hand-deliver their chosen glasses within a two week delivery time. Your resident may also be eligible for support to purchase their glasses, and we will be able to give them advice on how to access this funding. Our trusted care home opticians will also speak to your resident’s next of kin to explain the outcome of their eye test and what to bear in mind for the future. If your resident doesn’t have a next of kin, we can arrange to discuss this with an appropriate person. Opticall Eyecare will also organise free aftercare, so if there is an issue with the glasses, we can be on hand to resolve it. 

Opticall Eyecare are your supportive care home opticians

At Opticall Eyecare, we believe everyone should have access to a regular eye test, whether they are able to attend their appointment in person or they need the support of a care home opticians team. Each of our clients is treated with the highest level of respect and care. Our professional opticians understand that many of your care home residents may be vulnerable, whether they are living with a physical or mental health disability. Supporting our clients to feel confident and comfortable during their eye tests is key to our role as successful mobile opticians for care home residents. 

If you are looking for trusting and fully qualified care home opticians to support your residents, look no further than Opticall Eyecare. Get in contact with us today. 

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