10 signs you may need glasses in 2022

need glasses

“Do I need glasses?” – have you ever thought this to yourself? Or maybe you have had this thought about one of your friends, family members or other loved ones? This blog will help you decide whether it is time to give us a call to book an eye exam. Your eye health is essential, and we hope that this blog will help identify the type of vision problem that you may encounter and what to do about them.

What are the signs I need glasses?

There are many common signs of eye issues that would warrant a visit from an eye care provider such as our Opticall mobile opticians. These noticeable symptoms over prolonged periods would be:

  • Blurred vision
  • Double vision
  • Frequent headaches or persistent headaches
  • Eye strain
  • Visual difficulty with focusing on objects close up
  • Visual difficulty focusing on things at the distance
  • Squinting your eyes
  • Night vision issues such as driving in the dark
  • Halos around lights
  • Eye fatigue

Why do I need glasses?

If you or your loved one are experiencing any of the eye conditions listed above, then we would strongly advise you to see an eye doctor/optician for an eye test. They can check your visual acuity (the clarity or sharpness of your vision) and determine if you need prescription glasses with corrective lenses to help alleviate your eyesight problems.

Glasses can help improve your sight to give you back your perfect vision so you can enjoy watching television, reading a book, driving, playing with children/grandchildren, using your digital devices and other activities that impact your wellbeing, quality of life and independence.

Opticall, and other opticians, can recommend different types of glasses to aid with your vision correction:

  • Glasses for distance vision – These glasses are worn for walking about, watching TV and general use, as these help you see distant objects and other things that are further away.
  • Glasses for near vision – These glasses are worn for reading, sewing, looking at photos etc., as these will help you with your close-up vision by looking at nearby objects with more clarity.

You may also need glasses because of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), a common eye condition that can cause blurry vision as you age. It usually first affects people for periods from the age of 50+.

The symptom of cataracts can be very similar to these common conditions, so an eye test with your optician could determine what is causing your distorted vision, and a pair of glasses may be advised to help.

Why choose Opticall?

We are proud to deliver a FREE comprehensive NHS home-visiting optician’s service for those unable to make it to the high street due to age or poor health. We come to you in the comfort of your home/care home to conduct a thorough eye exam and eye health check. Should you require a prescription for glasses, we can help you select the perfect pair of glasses from our large selection of competitively priced frames and prescription lenses. We will personally hand deliver your glasses when they are ready for you to make sure that they fit correctly and resolve your vision issues.

Don’t forget you may be eligible for help towards the cost of your glasses. Check out the National Health Service (NHS) website for eligibility.

Call us on 020 8998 4228, email us at info@opticalleyecare.co.uk or contact us on our website to find out more about our optician/eye care professional service.